Mystic Merlinite

Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbro Crystal Sphere

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Large gorgeous Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbro Crystal Sphere. Beautiful Dark Grey color on this one. Plenty of flashes too!

It is highly polished and perfectly smooth with shimmers throughout. 

It is also Large, measures about 65 mm or 2 1/2".
Weight is about 15.5 oz or 439 gr.

The Sphere in the photos is the one you receive.
Acrylic stand is included.

Metaphysical beliefs:
**Merlinite is a strong, high energy stone. Merlinite is used to raise natural intuition. It is used to amplify and clarify clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. As a high energy stone Indigo Gabbro is used to increase the ability to channel Reiki and other types of energy healing. It is also used to channel energy for other uses** 

Thank you for your consideration.
Peace Love & Light. Always.

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