Aura Quartz Jewelry

Rainbow Aura Quartz

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Delicate Rainbow (also known as Flame Aura) Aura Crystal Cluster set in a wire wrap using 14K gold filled wire.

This is a beautiful larger size Crystal. All are One of A Kind.

This *one of a kind* beautiful crystal piece is about 1 7/8" x 1 1/8".

Please choose in the drop down menu if you would like to include an 18" Gold filled chain to complete the necklace.

This unique one of a kind crystal piece is of US origin and has been coated in the US as well to ensure quality.

**All my Aura Quartz are of US origin, and all are treated in the US to ensure quality and that only fine, genuine metals are used**

Thank you for your consideration.
Peace, Love & Light. Always.


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